No More Electric Rate Increases! 

Increase the value of your property!   
Own Your Electrcity!
Say goodbye to
your Power Company!

Providing Peace of Mind

Don't lease your solar panels, OWN THEM! Renewable energy law AB405 Now requires NV Energy to HELP Sothern Nevada residents to convert to renewable energy! 

NV Energy and the federal Goverment, will help pay to have solar energy equiptment and Installation at with NO up front cost! Replace your energy bill with your solar bill and save anywhere for 15-30% of what you are paying now.

Lock in your electricity rates, increase the value of you home and receive Goverment tax benefets in the thousands!

Site inspections are being held in your area on a first-come, first serve-basis. Call or email now to schedule your free sight inspection and design.

Solar Benefits


  With the increase of technology, families are using more electricity, causing them to have larger utility bills. Invest in you energy future now. 

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We cover the headaches and cost, associated with engineering, permitting, and installation.  Most of our installations are completed in less than 9 weeks.

Go Solar for $0 Money Down

Lock in your electricity rates                 today!

Solar energy is a cost-effective and eco-friendly power source.  The energy harvested from your panels are clean, safe, and simple. Solar panels can create enough energy to provide up to 50% of your energy needs.

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