Reduce your home carbon footprint and make a differance for the future

With Solstice Solar your will see savings on your energy bill right away.  On average, our customers save over $800 a year.

Solstice Solar assists on making the switch fast and convient for you. Our customer service and knowledgeable staff have set high quality standards by creating a personalized, professional step by step installation guidance.  Our quick and precise installation process  will make it easy and simple for you.  From start to finish, you will be fully informed on how to maintain and get the best use of your solar power system.  

             Power Purchase Agreement

With a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) we make having solar panels a reality. It works because large corporations have invested money into the solar industry to support clean energy. This allows for practical placement of solar panels on your roofwith a PPA, your roof becomes its own mini power station, generating clean, renewable, and efficient power harvesting right above you.