Step 3                       
Utilities and Permits 

Permits and building applications are required, and we handle ALL of the necessary paperwork for you.                                                                                

Step 4
Installation Day

Our installation process has been perfected, and in most cases we can complete a project in a single day and you could be hooked up and ready to go in less then 9 weeks.

Step 5                                                                               
All Systems Are Go                                                           


Solstice Solar is a benefit for you and your family because our system will provide you with clean energy and much less expensive electricity. 

Meet with your Solar Energy Consultant to review your latest electricty usage and fees We will use this inforation to create a custom solar proposal, spicific to you needs.

5 Easy Steps To Solar

Step 1

Your Proposal

Nevada Power will inspect the system, making sure that everything is working properly, then you are good to go. Congratulations!

Step 2
Site Survey and Design 

Our team of designers and engineers will survey your home and property making sure your system is designed for maximum savings.